About Our Club

A camera club for all who live or holiday in Fuerteventura. We meet the first Friday of each month for sharing our photos and experiences. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced photographer you are always welcome. We are a friendly club with the aim of having fun with photography.


A Selection Of Images Taken By Corralejo Camera Club Members.

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Competition Results

November Competition Results – Allyways

CORRALEJO CAMERA CLUB COMPETITION NOVEMBER 2020 Hello all, firstly I want to thank Gwynn for asking me to judge this competition. It’s nice to be thought of, even though I’ve not been on the island in 2 years. Hoping to remedy that in April if all the stars align! I hope everyone is staying safe…

October Competition Results – Architecture

Corralejo Camera Club Competition ‘Architecture’ October 2020    Judge: Barney Jones  Introduction:  First of all, thank you for the invitation to act as judge for you for a second competition. I’m fully aware that we are all living in extraordinary times at present, so my first reaction is to say, “Well done,” for pulling together…