December Competition: Results Wildlife

Judges – Carly & Daz Price  Zazzle Crafts UK


Amazon Ken Johnson, Ardilla Richard Holmes, Cliffhanger Ingrid,

Comp Swan Ken Johnson,  Peek A Boo Caro Pike,

Resting In Peace Caro Pike, Small Scale Ingrid,Tranquility Caro Pike

Commended:   King O The Forest.    Olie Flintberg

Has the potential to be a very good shot, very clear photo with great lighting due to time of day, the car mirror could easily be cropped out to make this photo great!

3rd Place:  Sunbathing Lizard.   Ingrid

Great closeup shot with plenty of detail and colour within. The shadow under the head probably detracts a little from the main subject, but otherwise this is a superb picture.

2nd place:  Young Kestrel.  Richard Holmes

Very nice shot, great focus on the bird and nicely contrasts with out of focus bokeh style background. Great colours throughout too.

1st place:  Scarlet Darter Dragon.  Richard Holmes

Great shot, full of detail and colour. Macro shots are some of the hardest to master, and this shot is very, very good.


Ahoy Gwynn, Chipmunk 2 Andrew Cambell, Donkey Andrew Cambell.

Flying Low Keith Dawson, Chipmunk Andrew Cambell.

Ladybird Wendy Kerr, Otter Wendy Kerr, Twitt Tawoo Keith Dawson,

3rd Place:  Loverly.  Gwynn

A good clear image with very vibrant colour being picked out, good time of the day this photo has been taken as shadows give a depth to the petals.

2nd Place:  Waiting For Snacks.  Keith Dawson

An *almost* perfect shot, nicely lit. The only distraction of the slightly tilted background and the white block in the bottom left corner. Not major things, and easily fixed if desired. Very well executed shot.

1st Place:  Owl.  Wendy Kerr

Great detailed shot featuring a great creature. It’s hard to take a bad shot of these very photogenic animals. This has a nice crop, bokeh background and a great fixed expression on the owl’s face.


Clarity & Camaflage Alan Hillman, Egyptian Vulture Laura Woods,

European Bison Keith Vincent, Eye Of The Zebra Carol Sheridan,

Golden Sygnet Duncan Gray, Peacock Flutterby Carol Sheridan,

Long Eared Owl Dave G, Looking For A Friend Mick,

On My Own Mick, Otter Keith Vincent, High Peak Hunter Carol Sheridan,

Pieces Of Eight Alan Sheridan, Poser Mick,

Red Kite Overhead Duncan Gray, Reflecting Laura Woods,

Ride Em Cowboy Alan Sheridan, Robber Fly Dave G,

Shapes Alan Hillman, Top Cat Alan Sheridan,

Up Periscope Joanne Cleazy, What’s Up Your Sleeve  Joanne Cleazy.

Commended:   Good Catch.  Joanne Cleazy

Very good photo, clear and precise details, colours are soft and subtle, good focus which with the blur in the background makes the chipmunk stand out more vividly, nice earthy tone feel.

Commended:   Red Darter.   Dave G

Intricate details really stand out, the rule of thirds fits nicely with the stick and the fly.

Highly Commended:  Red kites.  Duncan Gray

Nicely detailed, hard to do that kind of shot without getting blur, so good shutter speed, colours of the birds against the green makes them really pop out

3rd Place:  Ant.  Alan Hillman

Really great macro shot of this tiny little insect. Lighting and focus is well done, as is the overall colour balance – the powerful red/orange backdrop gives excellent definition to the black ant.

2nd Place:  Red Backed Shrike.  Laura Woods

A beautifully executed shot. The bokeh style background really makes the bird and its tree branch stand out. A nice use of the ‘Rule of Thirds’ here too, with the main focus just off centre.

1st Place: Monarch.  Keith Vincent

A perfectly timed, well executed shot of a fabulous rare beast. Superb colouring and a cloudy background gives a nice autumn/winter vibe. As with all wild animals, timing and perfect shots are hard to come by, which makes this shot all the more special.