January Competition: Results Lines & Shadows


Cotillo Sunset: Steve Holdsworth

I like the crop, the Framing, placing the rail emerging from the bottom left corner prove you have an eye for composition. You have set yourself a difficult task with such a great latitude of lighting full stop the setting sun gives a very large burnt out area whilst the foreground black shadow detail. Pointing the camera lower would have corrected the exposure for the buildings and giving a more balanced image.

Cross Lines: Lorraine Wraight

I can see how you were attracted to this, so you are an observant photographer.

I think a darker image would have brought out more texture and enhanced the shapes. Try different viewpoints on subjects that are static and work around it to find the most interesting angle.

Rosie On The Terrace: Steve Holdsworth

Great expression captured! The harsh flash has set Rosie against a featureless black background which makes her stand out. It has over lit the white wall which does draw the viewer’s eye away from Rosies face. Perhaps you could darken that part down a little in post processing.

Siloette River: Bill Wraight

You have captured a pleasing glow above and below the Horizon line. Have you tried cropping the bluesky to focus the eye on that glow? It would take the Horizon line away from the centre and improve the composition, I think.

Sunset Afterglow: Judie

Good composition although one step to your left would have separated the car from the lamppost which would have made it even stronger. Small details can enhance an image. The strong silhouette holds the right, balanced by the height of the lamps.

The Priory Remains: Steve Holdsworth

Good viewpoint setting the ruins against the recession of the hills behind. The light has not been kind, flattening the image and removing shape, texture and form a little.

Tunnel Vision: Lorraine Wraight

I assume this was taken from a board your own longboat. This gives a more involved’ viewpoint. I feel interest is all on the right, the viewer’s eye almost always being drawn to a figure .The colour here is also bright and eye-catching with the reflections adding to it. The white sky and the bright reflection are a bit overpowering but lack interest so you are giving us a little too much of the scene

Ring Me: Bill Wraight Commended

Shadows are often more interesting and arty than the reality of the actual subject. The lower hand is well positioned. Not bitingly sharp so beware of that camera shake.

Step Back In Line: Judie Commended

I liked the muted palette here. the light drops away gradually towards the top which keeps changing tonal range to keep it more interesting. The simplicity of the image is pleasing.

Straight IntoThe clouds: Judie 3rd Place

The strength here is the lighting and a composition that avoids symmetry just enough to keep it edgy. The eye is drawn along the shadow towards the red ring and on through to the perfectly exposed cloud.The mountain on the left visually balances the red ring.

Contours: Bill Wraight 2nd Place

Very simple calming image it would be easy to say it lacks a focal point but it would change the feel of the image.

Busy Line: Lorraine Wraight 1st Place

Good selection to create interest with contrasting colours. Good side light brings out Shadows and shapes. A patterned picture.


Aqua Verdes Mountain: Andy Campbell

The pylons add colour to the otherwise featureless landscape. Afraid nothing is sharp and it all seems to be leaning to the right.

Cuban Smokey Lines: Rosie Wall

Great light which pleasingly picks out areas of the dark rock. I think this scene does lack interest at the base.

Large Shadows: Keith Dawson

A striking image, making use of the strong directional light. The hand on the rail adds interest but the figure on the right has both hands on his camera so appears as a rather less interesting shape. Hold the camera with one hand so you can extend your other arm to create a more interesting shadow..

Music Square Concert: Andy Campbell

Rather charming shot which may benefit from a tighter crop as the base and right-hand side are not contributing very much to the scene.

Old Harbour : Andy Campbell

Night shot under strong artificial light gives a good glow to LA Oliva. However the statue is unsharp and a harsh shadow makes it a bit of a featureless blob. The background distant lights are a bit distracting.

Rails: Keith Dawson

The shadow was the attraction for you and I can see why. I would preach ‘patience’ here and wait for a figure to enter the scene to add interest.

Shadows Around An Underground River: Rosie Wall

The top 2/3 contains attractive lighting which gives an abstract pattern of craggy rock. The bottom third lacks the same interest.

A Line Of Cars: Rosie Wall Highly Commended

An eye catching pink and red line with a blue parking sign as a full stop on the right. very strong. I am always reluctant to suggest a harsh crop but the top of the picture lacks the same interest so try a harsh crop down to the top of that parking sign. It then forms very strong letterbox image that hits you between the eyes.

Steps And Shadows: Wendy Kerr 3rd Place

Great viewpoint gives a pleasing diagonal pattern of rails to cross the horizontals of the steps.

Little Corner Of The Harbour: Wendy Kerr 2nd Place

The symmetry of the posts and shadows is pleasingly broken by the top right triangle of the water. This also offers a contrasting colour. Good strong composition.

Library In Tenerife: Wendy Kerr 1st Place

Great shot. The lighting has created highlights and shadows which echo the angular architecture, giving dynamic shapes. This is balanced by the two figures and their reflections, situated at the point of that block of light


All Square: Tony Jones

Well handled, controlled image with a very strong foreground.

Arches: Mick

The strength here is the overhead arch, breaking up the sky and dividing the image into quarters.

Cloisters: Alan Sheridan

Attractive light and shadows lead the eye to the door and light shade at the end.

Cold Jetty: Duncan Gray

The man-made meets nature! The frost enhances the lines of the jetty boards and draw the eye to the mountains beyond.

High Guard: Alan Sheridan

The curve of the steps and towers help draw the eye around the image . A good record of a place that you have visited.

Morocco: Fulvio Zorn

Sometimes less is more. A brave image which, perhaps due to the texture of the wall, works well for me. Simplicity!

Oh Christmas Tree: Helen

Good idea, creative angle. The over saturation grabs the attention.

Old Brick Chimneys: Joanne Clezy

Good attempt to create a nostalgic feel to this image. Perhaps the scaffolding and double yellow lines are working against you. Try to wait for people to separate before clicking the shutter as there is a three headed black mass at the base. Think about

Henri Cartier-Bresson’s mantra of ‘Moment In Time’.

Ossuary: Laura Woods

A carefully controlled image gives that central line of light which adds to the spooky atmosphere.

Posts: Mick

Good choice of viewpoint ensures the posts lead the eye to the red and black graffiti.

Rising Shadows: Carol Sheridan

Well chosen low viewpoint emphasises the cobbles. I feel the white buildings are a little over bright and therefore dominate the scene. Darkening these buildings in post processing would have emphasized the shadows.

Room With A View: Laura Woods

Interesting treatment of this image. The inclusion of the shutter works well and gives great contrast to the understated sky beyond.

Self Portrait: Alan Hillman

The landscape is dramatic due to the lighting and post processing work. Not sure the selfie really adds much to the image as the silhouette is not a very interesting shape.

Sepia Crop: Tony Jones

There is good light on the rails but I feel the sepia treatment has flattened the image and blocked up the shadow areas which are devoid of detail.

Shadow Fence: Alan Sheridan

The distance scene is attractive but the inclusion of the rail and heavy shadow lead the eye in and then directly out of the image again. I know you were looking for shadows but this seems to be a bit of an add on to this image.

Sharing The River: Carol Sheridan

An interesting curve with the attractive orange rust on the right forms of strong foreground.

I feel it is a little over bright, the shadows of the barriers and rail would be enhanced if it was taken down a little in post processing.

The Chestnut Roasters: Laura Woods

This creates a good atmosphere in the centre but it’s killed a little by the over white blank sky.Try cropping the top of the image right down to the chestnut roasters and see how the image is strengthened.

Through The Fan: Helen

Nice idea, gives a strong pattern on the left, however the over bright right hand side could be better controlled.

Venezia: Fulvio Zorn

Very brave, minimalist image which fits the brief in the laziest possible way! I mean that in a good way as the photographer has an artists eye and uses the space very well.

Whale Shadow: Tony Jones

A very unusual image as I have not seen many suspended whale skeletons before! The resulting ammonite shaped shadow is fascinating.

Secret Steps: Carol Sheridan Commended

A pleasing corner, well framed to include contrasting textures, shapes and colours.

Good observation.

Shapes, Lines And Shadows: Alan Hillman Commended

There is a glow to this image as the light emanates from the centre. Background arched windows are thoughtfully framed.

Square: Mick Commended

The light has created a shadow grid over the grid of paving slabs. Good observation. A few minor niggles – attention to detail around the edges in the top left corner, just crop out that bit of chair which removes the bit of vent and the slither of beam at the top. I think it would also improve if you crop the bottom slightly so the bottom right shadow goes out of the frame at the right hand bottom corner.

Torrox Courthouse: Duncan Gray Commended

A striking image, very well handled to preserve texture and detail in the whites.The flags give splashes of colour to the otherwise monochromatic background.

Barcelona: Fulvio Zorn Highly Commended

Very pleasing architectural shapes, beautifully photographed to retain subtle shades and detail.

Bridge Reflections: Duncan Gray 3rd Place

I first viewed this image before looking at the title and didn’t notice the reflection as I thought the strength is in the repetition of the shapes provided by the balconies and windows. However the reflection adds a colour streak that lifts the picture to the next level.

Sand Patterns: Alan Hillman 2nd Place

It’s all about the light, the choice of time of day, ensuring the sun is low in the sky to pick up the contours of the sand.

To The Lighthouse: Helen 1st Place

A pleasing scene with a well placed figure, her head and shoulders being between a pole and a building. That space around her is so important. The whole composition has been well thought out with every part of the picture space containing something of interest. I love the criss-crossing cables in the sky.