March Competition: Results Seascapes

March Competition Results: ‘Seascapes’

Judges ~ Daz & Carly Price


Angry Wave, Rose. Charge, Lorraine. El Cotillo, Jim. Fine Fish, Olli. Flying High, Jim.

Hubble Bubble, Rose. Memory, Rose. Rest For Eyes & Mind, Ollie. Rock Of Ages, Bill.

Sea Spray, Lorraine. Shallow Waters, Bill. Surfing Waves, Andy. Swedish Outer, Ollie.

Faces In The Rock, Steve Holdsworth. Old Man Of The Sea, Steve Holdsworth.

West Coast Waves, Steve Holdsworth. Through The Arch, Jim. White Horses, Bill.

3rd place – Calm Sea at Lobos: Andy Cambell.

A really nice tranquil shot with a nice rich foreground colour to the water and the sandy coloured rocks behind.

2nd place – Reflection from Lanazrote: Andy Cambell.
A lovely photo captured here with the front and rear sun glare on the ocean, really shows the vibrancy of the blue ocean a great shot.

1st place – End of the Rainbow: Lorraine Wraight.

A beautifully captured photo, nice seascape with the rarity of “thee end of the rainbow”


Algarve, Flavio Zorn. Birds Over Troubled Water, Gwynn. Burano, Flavio Zorn.

Cave is Full, Gwynn. Empty Beach, Keith Dawson. Only Seagulls On The Beach, Keith Dawson

Tranquility, Andrea Bennett. Tropical, Andrea Bennett. Venezia, Flavio Zorn.

3rd Place – What a Splash: Gwynn
Depth of field with the rocks at the front of the photograph which brings to life the sea crashing behind

2nd – My Favourite Place: Andrea Bennett
A beautiful shot of a truly stunning area, really defines the meaning of seascape.

1st – Boats: Keith Dawson
A stunning shot with the essence of the sun coming through the clouds onto the sea, great lighting a lovely shot.


Back In Time, Steve Hall. Crashing Power, Tony Jones. Exposure Sea At Los Molinos, Wendy.

El Cotillo Beach, Alan Sheridan. Ferry At sunset, Wendy Kerr. Fury, Keith Vincent.

High Tide, Alan Hillman. Indonesia Sunrise, Carol Sheridan. Keeping Safe, Tony Jones.

Kvarner Bay, Duncan Gray. Layers, Joanne Clezy. Little Lighthouse, Dave G. Wow, Mick .

Oh Dear, Mick. On the North Coast, Duncan Gray. Playa De La Concha, Markus Aschke.

Playa De Jarugo, Markus Aschke. Red Flag Day, Helen. Red Sail In The Sunset, Keith Vincent.

Ripcurl, Keith Vincent. Runnaway Board, Carol Sheridan. Safe Harbour, Helen.

Sea Sand And Shadows, Alan Hillman. Sea View From Kames Bay, Joanne Clezy.

Seagull Perch, Alan Sheridan. Sotavento’s Finest, Joanne Clezy. Spice Boat, Alan Sheridan.

Stormy Sea At Sunset, Wendy Kerr. Sunlight Dance, Carol Sheridan.

The Old And The New, Helen. Up & Over, Mick. Vacant Post, Steve Hall.

Waves of Cotillo, Steve Hall. Whoosh, Dave G.

Commended: Rainbow over sea: Alan Hillan

Beautifully shot, taken at the right time of day. A very pretty picture overall.

3rd – Cloudy Sunrise: Tony Jones

Always a sucker for a B/W image and this is a great shot. The foreground is nicely in silhouette, the waves and the clouds are nicely toned throughout, and the light burst adds the final touch

2nd – Piedra Playa: Markus Ashke

A great long exposure shot of the beach, with great hazy lighting all over. A really dreamy beach picture.

1st – Beach Sunset: Duncan Gray
Beautiful photo and superbly edited. Such a fantastic shot.