June Competition: Results Textures

June Competition: Results ‘Textures’

Judge:  Ann Dickson


Bloomy Haircut Ingrid

Very bold and brave conversation to black and white just not enough in focus this time to pull the image off but a wonderful idea.

Melting Ice cube  Richard Holmes

Very different lines and circles, I love the green as normally you would have seen blue to represent the cold.

Shades Of Blue Ingrid

The smoothness of the airplane against the movement of the clouds produces a pleasant image. If it was not showing the plane heading down towards the sea it would be a stronger image.

Pine Cone 3rd  Richard Holmes

The repetition of the patterns of this pine cone, make for a pleasing image. If it was taken with more light and shadows it would have brought out the textures a little bit more.

Dog and rabbit 2nd  Ingrid

Well seen, without a title it would not been much. Great textures and detail and colour in the concrete and paving.

Palm Leaf 1st Richard Holmes

Great colours with strong leading lines. Your eye is lead up to the top of the picture. An image that you can hang on your wall and admire for a long time


Ajuy caves Sarah Colby

A great try with a limited colour but lots of texture just no focus point

Big pebbles Gwynn

A great idea but not enough detail showing in the white pebble. Try getting close up to the black and white pebble, would may be have been more effective.

Bobbles Keith Dawson

The cream concrete bobbles are again well seen, I do like the one dark mark in the middle top of the picture, may be just showing that bit and getting very close up would have made the image stronger.

Eye of the sea Gwynn

The idea of the sharp rocks on the cliff and the smooth rocks on the seashore is a good idea, just keep an eye on the horizon.

Living Versus Inanimate Sarah Colby

The smooth pale pebbles and skeletal looking middle of the image has great contrast. Try not to put the anything in the middle of the image as our eyes wander around the picture.

Where is George Gwynn

This is other person’s artwork and you really do need to put own interpretation of the dragon, a close up of the wings or eyes may work

Stripes 3rd Keith Dawson

A good effort maybe flipping the image so the fat vein of the leaf is on the left of the picture would have made the image a bit stronger the vein is neither in the middle nor at a strong diagonal.

Lines 2nd Keith Dawson

The symmetrical lines work so well in this image. Nature at its best, green is not the easiest to reproduce.

Sandscapes 1st Sarah Colby

Great grainy sand textures with a brave conversation to Black and White, the lines lead from bottom left to top right, leading you into the image.


Ajuy Laura Woods

The small rock is too central in the image with nothing in the bottom to hold your interest.

Galvanized Ken Johnson

Interesting shades and lines, it is in focus on the top left but is very soft for the rest of the image. Good conversion to black and white.

Golden hour John Verlander

Hands and hat blurred along with dark leaves make this more of a snap than a created image.

Hands free John Verlander

Too many textures in this image, blown out high lights on the doll and too busy a picture.

Ive got my eye on you Alan Hillman

Brave, but not a pleasing image. Not sure if cropping the head too tight works, as there is a lot of texture in the hair.

Old rope Helen

The natural rope and shadow do work very well but the right hand side of the image lets it down a bit, where the purple barrel goes darker.

Palms Laura Woods

The out of focus on the left hand side lets this image down along with the high lights of white in the middle. The image is strong and brave and well thought out.

Rot in a box Helen

A very well seen image the symmetry of the image to include the rope at the top to fill in the other wise blank top is great just a pity the light is so harsh as the rope around the box is blown out along with the wood in the box losing the detail

Stone eye Ken Johnson

The eye has high lights in the middle. The only texture other than stone, is the small white background that has a lot of detail and texture in.

The road from Sotovento Keith Vincent

A pleasing picture showing the scale by including the cars in the image and using the mountains as texture. Maybe going closer to the smooth road may have helped.

Thought for the day Laura Woods

The writing once read. makes you lose interest very quickly. It is too white and could have been toned down with either a difusser or come back earlier in the day. The texture is only of the rock and although the colours are great there is no contrast to the rock.

Two old friends Alan Hillman

Great title but flat dull lighting has let this image down, a great soft background. The lines in the clay and the wood work well.

Velvet Rose Ken Johnson

Lovely soft curves of the rose, but nothing is in sharp focus and with a lot of digital noise. Look around the image as there is a small purple spot on the right that once seen is never forgotten.

Well rounded John Verlander

Great texture on the ball but there is no need for all the distracting foliage and light on the bottom left of the image. Going close up this would have cropped out all the unnecessary bits.

Sad Demise HC Keith vincent

Lovely use of soft light on this great image, it may work a bit better if the boat was to the left rather than in the middle. The upright grass and angle of the boat works very well. With a very pleasing image

Nets and Chains 3rd Helen

Super frayed rope with the photographers favourite rust. The light in this image gives shadows and added depth to this simple photo. Simple image but beautiful.

One Des Res 2nd Keith Vincent

This photos work so well with not only seeing the textures in the white walls, door and window. But most of all the flaking paint. The control of light on the wall has been well handled along with the shadow on the window.

Surf walk sit sail 1st Alan Hillman

A very clever image. And a very fitting title. You see the steps then the chair, then your drawn to look for the surfer. The ships and mountains are a surprise. Well thought out image that makes you look at the picture for a long time.